District - Tier-Breche

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District - Tier-Breche

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The highest part of the city “floor,” this side cavern is home to the Academy that trains drow for adulthood and full status as citizens of Menzoberranzan. From the main part of the city, Tier Breche is reached by a stone stairway. Its upper end is flanked by two giant stone pillars. In the shadow of each, at all times, stands a male drow warrior on guard: last-year students of Melee-Magthere, the school for fighters. Here twenty-five-year-old drow come for training, and are not allowed to pass back down the stairs into the city until they have been graduated by a Master or Mistress of the Academy. Drow leave the Academy molded into the treacherous, vicious ways of Menzoberranzan, “The Spite of the Spider Queen” as other drow have called it. Those who fail their training die, or are transformed into driders or worse.

Noble drow of every House have to undergo training in the academy in order to be accepted by their brethren. This is solely so that they can become useful to their superiors, repay the debt they incurred as children and create a new debt, as an Academy education is expensive. Indeed, many drow say that one cannot be a Noble if one has not had an Academy education. Since, the number of noble children is quite small many of the students of Tier Breche are commoners or servants. The servant students are skilled individuals who are sponsored by their House. Nearly all the Qu’ellaren send servants to protect their young nobles; although they can’t officially act as bodyguards, a noble often finds a familiar face or two in any of the classes they attend. Common drow can either try to find a Noble House, a rich familiy or a guild to sponsor them so that they can prove that their skills can also be used by the powers within the city.

Tier Breche consists of three seperated acadamies:

Melee-Magthere: The largest and most easterly of the three structures of Tier Breche. Shaped like a huge pyramid it is the school for fighters of all types.

Sorcere: The sculpted stalagmite-tower of Sorcere, the manychambered tower of wizardry.

Arach-Tinilith: The northernmost and most impressive building of the Academy is spider-shaped Arach-Tinilith, where the priestesses of Lolth are trained. Males are housed here only for the last six months of their ten year training.

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