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Bregan D’aerthe

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Bregan D’aerthe

Not a house, but a mercenary society of rogue drow, Bregan D’aerthe is one of the most respected and feared(though unlawful— even by drow standards) organizations in the city. Little is known about the assassin band, except that they maintain close ties with House Baenre, have been intricately involved in the last two disasters concerning ruling houses (House Hun’ett and House Do’Urden), and are led by a swashbuckling, unusual drow elf who goes by the name of Jarlaxle.
Well over a hundred of Bregan D’aerthe’s roughly 150 members are male, and many of these reputedly are nobles of fallen houses. Typically, noble female survivors of destroyed houses would be grabbed up by other powerful houses, invited into the family (many of House Baenre’s priestesses started out as princesses in other drow houses), but males, noble or not, have always been a less desirable commodity in a city so dedicated to the Spider Queen.
The members of Bregan D’aerthe are almost exclusively fighters or fighter/thieves, with a few fighter/mages sprinkled in. Noamuth Lil (The Wanderer), formerly Vierna Do’Urden, is the only known priestess in the band.
The mercenaries are very well equipped, and very well trained. They operate both inside of Menzoberranzan, usually with the unspoken consent of the First Matron Mother, and outside the city. Their most valuable potential, and thus the probable reason this rogue band is allowed to thrive, comes in the role of scouts for outer-Menzoberranzan affairs. Jarlaxle even has contacts in Blingdenstone, the deep-gnome city!
The band has also been known to serve in house armies during takeovers of other houses. Their ferocity cannot be underestimated, but one would be wise not to overestimate their loyalty.

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