We love volunteers

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We love volunteers

Post by Admin on Sun Mar 24, 2013 4:03 pm

We are under staffed in several areas and are looking for talented individuals to join the development team for technical work. If you feel you meet the criteria or are up to the task, PM the respective admin. If your work does not meet the criteria but you are still wanting to help please PM and I can also time permitting either recommend some GREAT sources or even work with you on giving my own feedback. Art is truly subjective! And we are all artist.

Scripters / custom content creators
- Familiarity with the nwscript language or other NWN2 custom content creation

Area mappers
- Proficient with nwn2 toolset
- Understanding of environmental design, ground texture layering, playable level design
- Knowledge of hak/2da resource management a plus.

Graphic design
- Well versed with photoshop, or any other advanced image editing tools.
- Reasonable artistic talent.

DMs for both the Underdark and the Surface
- Well versed with the DM client is always a bonus
- Very knowledgeable with the Lore
- ****Apply here****

Assistant DMs for both the Underdark and the Surface
- Well versed with the DM client
- knowledgeable with the lore

Player Helpers
- Familiar with the server rules
- Familiar with the lore

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Re: We love volunteers

Post by sdall122 on Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:00 pm

*raises hand* I volunteer For a DM Position Just PM me what you need from me


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