District - Manyfolk

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District - Manyfolk

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This large area of the city is home to the common folk, and is where most of the shops and businesses of the city can be found, from the Bluirren family (who make spiced sausages from Underdark creatures whose precise identities and origins are better not investigated too closely) to the Ulaver (whose luminous, sweet green wine is a growing taste among Menzoberranyr). Around The Bazaar stand too many shops and family homes to list; almost all commoner or “normal drow citizens” dwell in Manyfolk, and even most noble Houses maintain secondary or secretive “safe” residences here. It is the place most Menzoberranyr come from, and (although the ambitious always try to move out of it, to a ‘better’ area) is the most colorful, interesting, and tolerant neighborhood of the city.

Visitors seeking the sights of Manyfolk (after The Bazaar, of course) are directed to the many fine massage houses, and to shops such as Faeera’s Floating Plants (which deals in exotic plants from “All over the Realms, Above and Below,” displayed and sold in levitating pots); Vilteern’s Fine Chains (where chain can be purchased in lengths up to a thousand feet, ranging in size from wire-thin ornamental links to fortress-gate chain whose links are as long as a full-grown drow stands tall); and The Cathlyre, where surface-world birds of all sorts (including the peacock-like cathlyre) are sold as pets, live targets, or roasted alive before the customer’s eyes, a hot meal seasoned and done to order. The most wealthy and influential merchants of this area currently include:

•Du’arthe Klendara: textiles

Uluruela Drael Tuabbar: clothing and travel goods of leather, lizardskin, and carved bone

•Bhaern del’Hluanter: crates, chests, casks, and carts•

Sh’aun Darnruel: personal fashions, clothing, body dyes and augmentations (crests, glued-on manes of hair or wigs, artificial limbs, body padding, etc.)

Baelaskros Do’Ilisharr: bulk grain, dates, and other foodstuffs

Tlar Quel’tlarn: fine metal smithing, gemsetting, and locksmithing

Rhauvais del’Ygana: weapons, exotic and high-quality (speciality: concealed and venomed bodyweaponry for nobles)

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