District - Eastmyr

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District - Eastmyr

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Those not successful enough to dwell in Manyfolk live in the poorer, less esteemed district of Eastmyr. Struggling merchants, outlaws and the penniless, mercenaries, and non-drow of no particular wealth or power dwell here. The noble Houses Hunzrin and Kenafin maintain their fortresses here. Few individuals of prominence dwell in Eastmyr, but one good massage house can be found here: Dylchanta’s Furfeathers, which regularly hosts massage-parties for large groups. Eastmyr also has at least four roominghouses useful to non-drow visitors to the city wishing to avoid attention, cold treatment, and high prices. Two of these, Narbondel ’s Shadow and Symeera’s, are recommended (both are run by careful, fair human ex-adventurers, who know contacts for the discreet hire or purchase of needed magic, healing, weapons, and other gear within the city). Typical rates are 1 gp/person/day (includes all meals, basic drink, stabling for a mount, and a private room with a glowglobe light source).

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