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Application for DMing

Post by Admin on Mon Mar 25, 2013 7:22 pm

Applications for DM'ing

Can people who are interested in DM'ing please apply using the general layout below? This gives us more information about you and when, how often and what sort of DM'ing you can do, and we can consider how you fit in the existing team.
Thank you

We are looking for people who are good rpérs and storytellers, but there are other qualities that are as important for DMing. You need to be Fair and Rational and be able to take quite a bit of flak at times. DMs have to be cop, jury, judge, customer service representative too.

Note: if you are turned down, do not take it personally, please. There can be many different reasons, and these reasons may vary. For instance, you may be turned down because there are enough DMs in a certain time zone at the moment, or because we need certain strengths in a DM at the time. Admin look at the overall situation.

Also you can usually re-apply later.

Okay, here it is:

General Information

Login Name:
Char Names:
Forum Name:
Character(s) played: (Name/Class/Level)
Time Zone:
Times you play:
When did you join the server:

Why you wish to be a DM?


What experience have you had DM'ing before? (feel free to include anything you feel is relevant).

Where do you think your strengths will be as a DM?
Where do you think you need to improve as a DM?

Please have two players provide a short recommendation for you as DM and have them PM it to the Head DM via the forum.

Any Other Information

NB: Not having experience does *not* disqualify you from being a dm, not at all. It's just useful to know if you have or haven't. Please could you look at DM 101 first though, if you have not DM'd before?

What we expect from DM:

Most of all, putting the players first.

Courtesy and being part of the team; an instinct for helping the players.

Being able to take constructive criticism and being able to handle players who may be unhappy.

Being genuinely constructive and resilient (you get a lot of criticism as a dm; some can be learned from, others is less helpful or reasonable). We will need to know that you can cope with imperfections in the server, staff and players without resorting to general bitching or gossip.

Giving epic items to your character or your friends or other forms of favourtism is a No Go. This rule is written in stone. Dms do get some XP in compensation but it is generally less than you can earn by XPing or RPing.

There are no rules about how often you log on and DM. Obviously, if you know you need to be absent a while then please tell us.

It's become essential to be able to use Skype, not for voice comm but for typing communication with the other DMs.

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