Playing in the Underdark

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Playing in the Underdark

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 28, 2013 12:12 am

The Underdark is a vile place. We all know this. I want to be upfront and blunt about it, it is like Vegas, what happens in the Underdark stays in the Underdark. It takes a special kind of player to play down there along with DMs.

This is Menzoberranzan and it isn't turning into a Rainbow Bright gang. If you don't feel up to the RP that is down there, please avoid the place. I am writing this because I want to make sure those that enjoy the UD have finally a place to call home.

Menzoberranzan is a nasty place. In drow culture, treachery and murder are commonplace, as are acts of debauchery. Drow in this setting routinely have orgies with demons and engage in despicable acts of bloodletting. Although the tenets of drow society are presented tactfully, players should be under no illusions; Menzoberranzan is populated by vile and capricious sadists, who seek to improve their personal standing through the suffering and misery of others.

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