District - The Braeryn

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District - The Braeryn

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Extending north from the western end of the Spiderfangs are the dark alleys and hovels of “the Stenchstreets.” This is Menzoberranzan’s slum, home to sick and outlaw drow, goblins, orcs, bugbears, and other non-drow who are sometimes hired for odd jobs (such as heavy loading or digging) by Menzoberranyr, or for guard or mercenary pillage-raid duty. Some are even stupid or desperate enough to try their luck in the city as thieves or kidnappers.
Drow hunt here for sport from time to time (often after drinking too much), slaying all who can‘t hide, escape, or fight off their attackers. Outlaws and others hide here: raiding drow occasionally come to grief when the helpless old orc they attacked turns into a powerful, enraged human wizard or drow priestess on a spy mission or indulging personal tastes for adventure.
No drow of importance or reputation dwell here, but the mercenary band Bregan D’’aerthe maintains contacts here, through which they can be hired. Certain aged drow dwelling here concoct and sell poisons, drugs, and love philtres. Some also sell information, but seldom live long, once they become widely known. One such crone, city cradle-lore swears, was once revealed as the Spider Queen in disguise —when the Goddess shed her rags to blast a priestess who treated her cruelly. Rumors persist that Lolth keeps watch over (or even, in disguised form, dwells in) the Stenchstreets. Such beliefs gain support from the numerous spiders of all sorts and sizes who scuttle and lurk all about the area, despite many attempts to slay them or drive them off.

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